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A Govt-linked Islamic Bond May Have Gone Bust, Sources Reveal

A government-linked sukuk has highly likely gone default, sources familiar with the issue had disclosed.

The sources today said, this could be the first government-linked Islamic bond to have gone default, since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

The sources added, owners of the bond had requested to extend its deferred payments, after it lapsed on 31 December 2021.

But investors had rejected the request yesterday.

“First trading day of 2022 and a Malaysian Sukuk paper goes default. What does that tell investors?”

“This will affect Malaysia’s ratings, as foreign investors will start questioning the Malaysian government’s actions and sincerity.”

“Not forgetting how investors will view our economy.”

Another source from a financial institution said that market watchers are keeping a close eye on developments, as financial institutions invested in the sukuk are wary.

“Investors are keeping a close watch. Different institutions have different amount of exposure and it will certainly affect pur investments.”



    • I’m 100% for your idea. But who are the people that can carry out such a task? The younger generations who just came into politics might be able to do it. Let’s give them our support.

    • Malaysia melayu honestly is ever smart one but the politics of it wanted a Muslim never mind the corrupt and stupid PM to run…. And an extremely corrupt party to govt the layu interest! 😱

    • There are many capable people around, but unfortunately they are not good in playing politics and some not fit well due to race and religion.

  1. Problem is: there is little place for meritocracy and real talent..it’s all race, race, religion, religion.. Malaysia WILL vote in same govt next election…no matter how the ppl suffer..

  2. We Malaysians are friendly and patriotic citizens, and we lives together harmoniously and care for others despite the race or religion.
    It’s the politicians who have “specific agenda” who are trying to devide and separate the citizens!
    All races have talented young educated ones who can lead our country towards stability and prosperity.
    Let’s vote wisely and give the young ones an opportunity to act!

  3. All the Malaysian politicians are corrupted and DrM had announced it is very normal. DrM had trained all to become like this. Even PKR, DAP, PAN, PKPB,…. more corrupted when they were won and in power. If anyone is less corrupted than others, he will be ousted! Malaysia Boleh corrupt and it’s reputation is one of top corrupted in world corruption amounts.


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