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DAP May Postpone CEC Election To May 2022, Says Source

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) may further postpone its Central Executive Committee (CEC) election to May 2021.

Speaking to malaysiasentinel.com on Tuesday, a senior leader who contested in three past CEC Elections said that the indications are clear as far DAP’s most recent meetings are concerned.

He said the party’s leadership may put up an official reason blaming the Covid-19 pandemic, but went on to hint of some “unspoken reasons”.

“The reason most likely to be served to the public is Covid-19. But we all know of the ‘unspoken reason’.”

“So maybe May or June 2022,” he answered briefly when asked of the date.

When pressed on the ‘unspoken reason’, he said it involves the fate and future of a very senior party leader and some of his blue-eyed boys.

“There is a huge undercurrent within the party. The clash is primarily between the current mainstream leaders and the sidelined veteran leaders.”

“The current mainstream leaders comprise of many parachuted leaders who do not enjoy sufficient grassroot support, but they are where they are because of the top man.”

“The veteran leaders meanwhile, have grassroot support, but are sidelined by the top man.”

He also named Publicity Secretary, Tony Pua and Political Education Director, Liew Chin Tong when asked of examples of parachuted leaders.

Tony Pua and Liew Chin Tong

“That is the structure and system of DAP. It is not a direct voting system. Members do not get to vote. Only delegates are allowed to vote the national leaders.”

“Even then, we don’t vote leaders to a certain position. We only vote for the top 20 and the top 20 will decide among themselved who gets which position.”

DAP’s 2017 CEC Re-election Results

“So if the top leader is not certain of the future of his boys, it is likely the election will be postponed until a deal is struck between certain factions.”

When asked if the ‘top man’ referred to was Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, he said yes.

For the record, Lim Kit Siang was DAP’s Secretary General for 30 years between 1969 to 1999, while his son, Guan Eng has been the current Secretary General since 2004.

Together, they have a 47-year history being DAP’s top men, resulting in critics giving them the ‘Lim Dynasty’ moniker.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng

The only term held by neither father nor son was the 1999 – 2004 term, which was held by the late Kerk Kim Hock.

The late Kerk Kim Hock

Umder Kim Hock’s leadership, DAP amended its constitution to limit the tenure of its top position to three terms.

As a result, this will be Guan Eng’s final term as Secretary General.



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