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DAP-PKR Trade Barbs, Tells One Another To Remove Top Leaders

DAP and PKR have begun trading barbs, telling one another to change its top leaders following the dismal performance in Melaka.

This morning, Lee Chin Chen who is DAP’s State Assemblyman for Bilut, via a Facebook post said that he hopes PH Chairman, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would step aside.

Lee Chin Chen

“I sincerely hope Anwar would retire gracefully and pass the leadership baton a the ylunger generation.”

“PH has been turning around like headless chickens for more than a year,” he said.

His sentiments were then echoed by his colleague, Chow Yu Hui who is State Assemblyman for Tras, also in Pahang.

Further elaborating, Chin Chen said that PH should not have accepted the “kataks”, as a Memorandum of Understang (MOU) was signed.

Responding to the two DAP leaders’ comments, a senior leader in PKR when contacted by malaysiasentinel.com said that DAP should not resort to knee-jerk reactions.

“Didn’t DAP collectively agree to fielding the former UMNO men under PKR and Amanah’s quota?”

“Anthony Loke openly pleaded for the Chinese to accept the two candidates, saying it was for the bigger picture.”

The PKR senior leader was referring to Anthony Loke’s press conference on 9 November.

“Some of our supporters have stated their unhappiness, but we have to explain to them that while DAP’s position has been made clear. We cannot just base our voting considerations on these two (UMNO veterans’ nominations),” Anthony said in that press conference.

Accept The UMNO “Kataks”, DAP Tells Supporters

But a senior PKR leader begged to differ.

He said that the mass desertion of votes came from the Malay heartland, while bulk of the Chinese votes still remained with PH.

“The party hopping topic is not an issue among the Malays. It is only an issue among the Chinese.”

“For example Rembia. The Malays voted him in.”

The senior leader was referring to Jailani Khamis who recaptured the Rembia seat.

Jailani contested the seat in 2018 under the PKR flag and became independent following the Sheraton Move.

In the recent Melaka State Election, he contested under the BN flag and recaptured the seat.

“Assuming it was the Chinese votes who left, then we can say that the cause of the loss is due to party hopping because the anger surrounding party hopping is mainly among the Chinese.”

“But that was not the case. It was the Malay voted who left PH because the Malays are not comfortable with DAP.”

“It is the ‘Lim Dynasty’ in DAP who should make way.”

Apart from the senior leader, another elected representative in Penang who spoke on condition of anonymity challenged DAP to contest in a few Malay seats.

“If DAP thinks they are so strong, why don’t DAP contest in the Malay areas?”

“DAP has a track record of only contesting in seats with a significant high Chinese voters, leaving PKR and Amanah to do the hard job in the rural areas.”

“If DAP cannot even win one Malay seat on its own, they should not ‘talk big’.”



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