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DAP-UMNO Cooperation Not Impossible, For The Sake Of Stability

DAP’s Deputy Secretary General, Nga Kor Ming said a DAP-UMNO cooperation is not impossible, for the sake of stability.

He was met by reporters at Pasar Samping in Taiping yesterday, while handing out food packs to nearby residents.

According to a report by Guang Ming Daily, a mandarin newspaper, Nga was quoted as saying that the DAP has always prioritized the country and the people.

As such, the party will make considerations and changes according to current developments.

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Nga who is also Member of Parliament for Teluk Intan added, Prime Minister Tan Sri Mahiaddin Md. Yasin should honorably resign following UMNO’s withdrawal.

“Following the withdrawal of support, the right thing for Mahiaddin to do is to resign honorably, because he has lost majority support.”

“Rather than being pushed out, it is better to resign.”

Elaborating further, Nga said that UMNO would be made a laughing stock should it make a u-turn regarding the withdrawal.



  1. kemonn umno + dap… berdamailah… bekerjasama demi malaysia. tumbangkan pn yg lebih teruk daripada jahat…💪

    • Brother, macammana Umno boleh bekerja dengan DAP. Satu parti penuh dengan Ahli yang rasuah dan satu parti selalu dituduh punca masalah Malaysia dan Melayu. Fitnah yang sering dibuat Umno itu menunjuk bahawa mereka tidak boleh diharapi. Cubalah pantau prestasi Ahli Parlimen DAP, mereka memang berkhidmat untuk negara. Dan ini membuat Umno dan Bersatu marah. Tidak boleh ada sebarang rasuah.

  2. Please do necessary to bring Malaysia up again. Investors running away fast from our beloved nation. Don’t make our country to drown further. We want politician who always think good for rakyat and counry. Not their own decisions without proper planning. We can still stand tall if we have right people to run the country. Please act fast.


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