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Don’t Blame Foon Yew For Inviting Najib, Says Kit Siang

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang has conceded that it is not wrong for the Board of Governors of a top Chinese school to invite former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to speak at its Seri Alam branch in Johor.

In a statement released today, the 81 year old veteran conceded that his party’s Tony Pua had gone overboard in attacking the Foon Yew High School board members.

“The school’s board of governors should not be blamed if Najib wanted to visit the school as he was the one who had approved the school’s Johor campuses in Seri Alam and Kulai.”

Kit Siang however, agreed with the DAP MP’s criticism of Najib in using the school to “exculpate his kleptocracy.”

“However, he should not have abused his visit to whitewash his criminal conviction in the courts and to appeal to the Chinese community to support Barisan Nasional in the Johor elections,” he said.

Kit Siang said that schools should not be diverted from its primary task to make future generations able to differentiate between right and wrong and never to lose the moral compass in life.

On Monday, Tony who is Damansara’s Member of Parliament criticised the school’s Board of Governors for allowing Najib to speak at its Seri Alam branch in Johor.

Tony Pua

He said the institution, a top Chinese independent school, had invited a “world-renowned kleptocrat”.

He demanded that the school Governors be sacked for “a complete lack of integrity” in failing to set a good example to students.

In response, Najib accused Tony of practising “intimidation politics,” saying his criticism of the school’s board was “absolutely unbecoming” and reflected a malicious need to lambast a prestigious school.



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