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Jamal Rushed To Hospital The Day Germany Kicked Off Oktoberfest 2022

UMNO’s Sungai Besar Division Chief, Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos, was rushed to a private hospital on Saturday night (17 September), after he collapsed at a party event.

According to his son Amin Daniel Jamal, he is currently warded at the luxurious Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

“My father collapsed all of a sudden… His condition is now stable and under close monitoring by specialists at the hospital.”

“The hospital has carried out a blood test to ascertain why his condition suddenly deteriorated.”

Coincidentally, in Germany, the Bavarian state of Munich kicked off the 2022 Oktoberfest celebrations at noon the same day, 17 September.

Official website of Oktoberfest 2022

According to the official website of Oktoberfest 2022, the world’s largest Volksfest held annually at Theresienwiese will commence from 17 September to 3 October this year.

Munich’s Lord Mayor, Dieter Reiter (right) kicks off Oktoberfest 2022

Oktoberfest 2022 in Theresienweise

In Malaysia, Jamal is notoriously remembered for smashing crates of beer with a sledgehammer in front of the Selangor state secretariat building, in protest against Oktoberfest in 2017.

He was arrested later that day, but eventually freed.

On 25 May 2018, just three weeks after UMNO’s defeat in the 14th General Election, Jamal was charged at the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital where he was warded under police watch after complaining of back pains.

Prosecutors and police officers had went directly to the hospital in the morning.

Police officers and prosecutors arrivr at the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital on 25 May

Jamal at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital

He pleaded not guilty to charges of being a public nuisance, before the magistrate set bail at RM3,000.

However, in a twist of events, Jamal was noticed to be missing at 5.30pm the same day.

He was eventually found and arrested in Indonesia on 2 July 2018, before being brought back to Malaysia.

Jamal arrested and brought back to Malaysia by Indonesian police



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