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Kit Siang Announces Retirement, Son Touted As Next DAP Chairman

DAP veteran, Lim Kit Siang announced that he was quitting politics for good at the party’s national congress held here today.

The 81-year-old said he is withdrawing from the race for a seat in the Central Executive Committee (CEC) at today’s election.

He also announced that he will not contest in any elections in the future.

“I announce my retirement from politics and I also withdraw from contesting (for a place) in the CEC.”

“I will also not compete in any general or state elections in the future.”

Lim had been in the CEC since 1966 when he began as a national organising secretary, and subsequently went on to hold the powerful secretary-general’s post for 30 years from 1969.

Meanwhile, a source said that recent successful negotiations may see his son, Lim Guan Eng takeover as the party’s Chairman.

Guan Eng has been DAP Secretary General since 2004, but cannot seek reelection due to a constitutional amendment made during the late Kerk Kim Hock era, which limits any person from holding the office for more than two terms.

The source said that the move is necessary to continue the Lims’ influence over the party, while maintaining the balance of powers among various factions.



  1. He still hold party mentor who oversees everything. This is a title created by PAP to safeguard family’s controlled power party. It’s against any democracy but rather same as socialist or Communist.


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