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Kit Siang: PH Lost Because Not Enough Campaign Time

DAP veteran, Lim Kit Siang claims that Pakatan Harapan could have won the Johor state election, if parties had been given an extra week to campaign.

“Barisan Nasional will not have won if we had had an extra week of campaigning,” he told reporters at the PH war room this evening.

Unofficial results show BN with 42 seats in the 56-seat state assembly, with 12 for Pakatan Harapan and three for Perikatan Nasional. The opposition coalitions had previously held 27 and 12 seats respectively.

Lim said Johoreans had started to realise that they could not support kleptocratic leaders.

“The results were a reaffirmation that people do not easily succumb to negative propaganda towards PH. This also shows that people want to see changes in Johor and in Malaysia.”

He said PH would study the results further and “rebuild lost ground” especially in the four seats that DAP had failed to defend: Yong Peng, Kukup, Paloh and Pekan Nenas.



  1. Kit, not just that but also reduced majorities in the seats retained. Relook DAP’s attitude towards education when you were in power.

    The miserly RM1m allocation to UTAR was a slap. LGE and Tony Pua could not see beyond the fact that UTAR is controlled by MCA. But this is about one of the few things that MCA got right – to establish and run the only local institution of higher learning that gave Chinese students a fair chance to obtain a tertiary education.

    The other is the recognition of Unified Examination Certificate (UEC). You had two years and did nothing to get this item on your election manifesto accepted.


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