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Malaysia Voted Second Most Racist Country, Just Behind South Africa

Malaysia has been voted as the second most racist country in the world recently.

According to a survey published by Index Mundi, Malaysia was ranked just behind South Africa.

Index Mundi is an open source detailing country statistics, charts, and maps compiled from multiple sources across the internet.

Their “Racial Discrimination Survey” which measures how much racism exists in a given country had recently asked respondents “How big of a problem is racial discrimination in the country where you live?”

South Africa came in first with an index point of 6.86, while Malaysia came in second with 6.32 index points.

Guatemala made up the last of the top 3 with an index point of 6.10.

News of the poll has been circulating on social media with plenty of Malaysians expresseling shock and disagreement.

The majority of users disputed the rank and said that Malaysians are not racist, instead ot was politicians and authorities responsible for fanning racism.

One said that the survey is inaccurate as the views of merely 486 respondents do not necessarily represent the views Malaysia’s 31 million population.

Another user lamented the list as misleading. Instead, it is the politicians who are fanning racism, he said.

“The list is terribly misleading, to say Malaysia is number 2 most racist.”

“Should be utter nonsense if we are talking about the people.”

“If you are talking about politicians, the government and political parties, then it’s a completely different ball game,” said the user.

Another user added that Malaysians in general are not racists, but Malaysia could have the most openly racist politicians.

“Most Malaysians who live alongside other races are tolerant and welcoming of each other.”

“We probably have the most openly racist politicians,” be said.



  1. The leaders are responsible. For the state and people. The international forums only invite the leaders or their secondments. So let them take responsibilities and be answerable. To bring the country up ,to believe in our King, Country and Religious Freedom


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