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Malaysian Beats 6 Mil Singaporeans, Becomes First To Own iPhone 14 In Island Nation

The official sale of Apple’s iPhone 14 will only start in Malaysia next week, but a Malaysian has already owned the device.

Not only did the Malaysian became the first in Malaysia to do so, he also beat 6 million other Singaporeans to become the first to own the device in the island nation.

This Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur did so by travelling all the way to Singapore.

He had placed his order on 9 September before travelling to Singapore.

On 16 September, he joined the queue in front of an Apple store on Orchard Road as early as 6am, as the store does not allow its buyers to camp overnight.

There were as many as 500 people in the queue. However, little did any of them know the first one in the line was from Malaysia.

The craze for Apple’s iPhone 14 is going strong, and some of the buyers who can afford the device have already pre-ordered the phone, while others await its official release in Malaysia on 23 September, according to Apple’s official website.



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