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Operation Unicorn, The Plan Supplementing Operation London Bridge Is Under Way

Queen Elizabeth II is dead at 96. She reigned over the United Kingdom for 70 years making her Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

As the island nation and people around the world process their iconic leaders’ passing, Operation London Bridge, the plan outlining Britain’s next steps in the coming days is under way.

That plan which has been in the works since the 1960s details of what is likely to unfold with the queen’s funeral arrangements and the crown.

But because the Queen died at her Balmoral Castle in the highlands of Scotland, a contingency plan dubbed Operation Unicorn, named after the national animal of Scotland has kicked into gear.

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Under Operation Unicorn, the Queen’s body will remain in Scotland for a number of days before being transported to London.

It was reported that the term Operation Unicorn was first used in the Edinburgh parliament’s online papers in 2017, envisaging huge numbers arriving in Scotland if that was where the monarch died.

It is understood that if the Queen dies in Scotland the Palace of Holyroodhouse, St Giles’ Cathedral and Parliament will be the main focal points.

Her body will first rest at Holyroodhouse Palace which is the monarch’s official residence in Scotland.

Holyroodhouse PalaceHer coffin will then be carried to one of the Scottish capital’s most important medieval churches- St Giles’ Cathedral on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh which is roughly 1.8km long.

St Giles Cathedral

The Royal Mile

Parliamentary business will be immediately suspended and politicians will prepare a motion of condolence and get ready for a state funeral.

Finally, her body will then be placed on the Royal Train at Waverley station in Edinburgh for a journey down the east coast mainline to London, said a source in 2017.

But according to another latest source, coffin is likely to be flown back to London, where the big ceremonial procession in the capital planned for “D+5” (D-day plus five days) of the 10-day funeral plans.

Then, the rest of the plans under Operation London Bridge will continue. The queen will lie in the throne room at Buckingham Palace overlooking the northwest corner of the Quadrangle interior courtyard.

It is understood she is to be buried with her husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, and parents at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.



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