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PKR Negeri Sembilan Makes Move To Oust Its Own MB

A group of PKR ADUNs, state committee leaders and grassroot division leaders in Negeri Sembilan have declared loss of confidence towards their own party’s Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun.

Among them are four out of the total six PKR ADUNs in Negeri Sembilan.

They are Mohamad Rafie Abdul Malek (ADUN Ampangan), Yek Diew Ching (ADUN Chuah), Ismail Ahmad (ADUN Labu) and Ravi Munusamy (ADUN Sri Tanjung).

Mohamad Rafie and Ismail Ahmad are members of the State EXCO while Ravi Munusamy is the State Assembly’s Deputy Speaker.

Apart from the four PKR ADUNs named above, leaders from six out of the total eight PKR Divisions in Negeri Sembilan were also named in the statement condemning Aminuddin.

The six Divisions are PKR Rasah, PKR Port Dickson, PKR Jelebu, PKR Kuala Pilah, PKR Rembau and PKR Seremban.

PKR Rasah, PKR Port Dickson, PKR Jelebu and PKR Kuala Pilah were represented by their respective Division Chiefs, while PKR Rembau and PKR Seremban were represented by their respective Division Deputy Chiefs.

The only two PKR Divisions who had no part in the statement were PKR Tampin which is headed by Aminuddin himself and PKR Jempol.

As for the state leaders, among those named were PKR Negeri Sembilan’s Information Chief, Yusof Tapar and PKR Negeri Sembilan’s Women’s Wing Chief and Deputy Chief- Amni Idris and Rusnani Saring.

The group stated that they are dissatisfied with Aminuddin who is the state’s PKR Chief, but stopped short of indicating his removal as Menteri Besar.

Among the complains were Aminuddin’s lack of commitment to strengthening the party’s divisions and the party’s women and youth wings.

Signatories to the statement

However, party sources said that this is part of a larger cynical plot to replace Aminuddin with Mohamad Rafie as the new Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan.

In the bitterly fought 2018 PKR elections, Aminuddin had failed to garner the majority support from the eight PKR divisions to become the Chief of PKR Negeri Sembilan.

But Anwar intervened, and Aminuddin was subsequently appointed as Chief of PKR Negeri Sembilan.

Another source confirmed the above and said that Anwar had since been juggling between his-favoured Aminuddin and the grassroot-favoured Mohamad Rafie.

“When Anwar comes here (Negeri Sembilan), he will meet with Aminuddin’s faction and indicate his support for Aminuddin.”

“He will also meet the grassroot-faction and pleaded for patience, indicating that Aminuddin will soon be replaced.”

For the record, the PH administration and current Menteri Besar in Negeri Sembilan is hanging onto a thin majority.

PH has 20 ADUNs while BN has 16 ADUNs.

Negeri Sembilan’s State Assembly Composition

The Negeri Sembilan PH administration would no longer command a majority, should the four PKR ADUNs formally withdraw support in the state assembly which is currently sitting.



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