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PKR Youth Asks Muda: Who Invited You To Join PH?

A PKR Youth leader has questioned the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda)’s recent announcement that it has agreed to join Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Yesterday, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman who is Muda’s President said that his party had unanimously agreed to join PH as one of its component parties yesterday.

Soon after, Atyrah Hanim Razali who is PKR Youth’s elected Vice Chief shot back.

“The question is, who invited you to join PH,” asked Atyrah Tyra sarcastically on Twitter.

At the time of report, Atyrah’s tweet had been retweeted more than 300 times with nearly 1,000 people in support.

“It’s as if you (Muda) attend a wedding without getting any invitations, aren’t you ashamed,” responded a user.

Apart from questioning Muda, Atyrah also shared two screenshots of two past remarks, reminding Muda of their previous political stance.

One was a graphic tweeted by Muda Kedah accusing BN, PH, PKR and PN being involved in corruption practises.

The other was an tweet by Saddiq in which he declared “RIP Anwar” in March 2014.

For the record, Atyrah who was recently elected PKR’s Vice National Youth Chief had run on a ticket inclined to Deputy President, Rafizi Ramli’s faction.

Souring Ties Between PKR-DAP

The PKR Vice Youth Chief’s remarks appear to expose a widening rift between PKR and DAP.

Speaking to malaysiasentinel.com, a PKR leader who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the souring ties between PKR and DAP has been ongoing for months.

“It is not something new. The uneasiness has been ongoing for months.”

“The ones bringing Muda into PH’s fold is DAP. DAP sees Saddiq as a new ‘horse’ to ride on, especially because of his popularity among the younger generation. But he will end up like the other Malay leaders discarded by DAP.”

The PKR insider explained, Malays are uneasy with DAP due to the DAP’s track record.

“PKR leaders are wary because DAP is widely known among the Malays to have a penchant of ‘tunggang Melayu’ (riding on Malays).”

“DAP will champion Malay leader when it is convenient, but later discard him for other Malay leaders when this Malay leaders lose their influence among the Malays.”

“30 years ago it was Ku Li,” said the PKR source was referring to Tengku Razaleigh during the Semangat 46 era in the late 1980s.

“Then Anwar (in the late 1990s). But Anwar was later discarded in favour of Mahathir (in 2016).”

“Subsequently, even Warisan’s Shafie was proposed by DAP to be the Opposition’s PM candidate (in September 2020).”

“Now it is back to Anwar as the first choice with Shafie as an alternative choice. There is even talks of DAP trying to cobble up with Ismail Sabri’s faction in UMNO, if there are no clear winners in GE15.”

“With such inconsistency, how can the Malays ever trust DAP?”



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