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PKR’s Rafizi To DAP: Stop Relying On Us For Malay Votes

PKR Vice President, Rafizi Ramli has told DAP to stop relying on PKR and Amanah to deliver the Malay votes.

Speaking at the Malaysian Student Leaders’ Summit 2021, he was asked to comment on how PH could better penetrate rural areas, especially Malay-dominated ones, in which Anwar Ibrahim and DAP do not have much influence.

“DAP for example, it takes a lot more than just riding on PKR and Amanah to deliver the Malay votes.”

“They really have to reflect about the kind of comments and mistakes they made publicly that really agitate the Malays.”

“You cant expect the Malays to just say ‘I’m okay because DAP is with PKR or with Amanah’ or to continuosly say that ‘we are not like that, we are just being accused by UMNO’.”

“There is a collective mind of narrative that was contributed by both DAP’s actions as well as what was manipulated by political opponents.”

“So unless DAP is serious about really deconstructing this narrative, it cannot play this blame game that ‘I deliver the Chinese votes, you deliver the Malay votes’.”

Rafizi also said that reaching out to people in the rural areas is tough and tiring, as it requires a lot of investment and effort.

To that, he lamented that not many PH are committed to such struggles.

“By nature, politicians are short-term minded. Anything that takes too long, they may not want to pursue as it won’t get results in one or two years.”

“But if PH wants to be back in government, it will require a lot of effort.”

“It’s not a question of strategy, it’s a question of effort.”

“If you want to penetrate the rural areas, you have to get politicians who know how to move on the ground, are sincere and want to know about rural issues … rather than shouting in Parliament.”

The question of PH’s ability to win the next General Election has recently come under the spotlight, as questions loom over its ability to convince the Malay heartland.

In a leaked audio conversation recently, a Rafizi-soundalike voice was heard explaining why the Malays are wary of DAP.

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The Rafizi-alike voice said that the Malays feel that DAP is not sincere because of its track-record of jumping from one Malay leader to another.

The audio noted that it was Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah during the Semangat 46 era and then Tok Guru Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang of Pas.

The same was said for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of PKR and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.



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