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QR Code On Adham Baba’s Vaccine Badge Leads To Random UK Man’s Soundcloud

On March 17 this year, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Adham Baba announced that fully vaccinated people will be issued a Covid-19 vaccine badge

He said the badge, which has the bearer’s personal details such as their name and MyKad, certifies that he or she is vaccinated.

“It has a security code, so it can’t be duplicated and would be distributed by the millions for future use.”

There has been no updates on the badge ever since, but Malaysiana have recently recirculated the video.

A few curious Malaysians have also taken the initiative to find out where does the QR code on the badge lead to.

Adham’s sample badge

Interestingly, it is linked to an audio clip of a former teacher in England, known as the ICT Evangelist.

ICT Evangelist’s soundcloud

The SoundCloud clip which was uploaded in 2012, is nine years old.

Twitter user, Khairi Zulfadhli was among the first who pointed it out this afternoon.

A few other users also noted that the move was a waste of resources and unnecessary, as health details can be stored in every citizens’ MyKad.

Some even showed their own vaccination card, in soft and hard copy which is readily available on MySejahtera.



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