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Rebel Left Warisan Because Shafie Rejected Cooperation With UMNO, Bersatu

A source close to Melalap State Assemblyman, Datuk Peter Anthony has revealed that the former Warisan Vice President has decided to quit the party, after failing to convince Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal to join forces with UMNO and Bersatu.

The source who is also a senior leader in KDM Malaysia, an NGO of which Peter is the President, said that numerous efforts have been made, but Shafie responded with a firm “no”.

Shafie Apdal

“Peter tried to convince Shafie,” he said.

“After PH fell, Peter tried to convince Shafie to work with Bersatu and PN. Shafie said no.”

“Then PN fell. Peter tried again to convince Shafie to work with UMNO and BN. Shafie said no.”

“With Shafie’s firm decision, Peter felt that it was better for him to form his own party to side with Bersatu and UMNO.”

A senior leader from Warisan who spoke to inisabahbah.com said, Peter’s departure is much regretted, but Warisan’s struggle remains intact.

“The people’s struggle cannot be held ransom by one or two individual’s personal issues.”

“Maybe Peter was pressured because of his court case.”

“But those who are still in Parti Warisan are clean. No issue for us to continue the people’s struggle.”

Commenting on Shafie’s insistence to not work with UMNO and Bersatu, the senior leader said that the party’s decision is firm.

“The leadership has decided not to work with UMNO or Bersatu.”

“If we cooperate with UMNO or Bersatu for positions or projects, we will sooner or later have to compromise the people’s struggle.”

“Are we in this for the people’s struggle or for ourselves?”

For the record, Peter also has a pending corruption trial in the Sessions Court beginning 3 January 2022.

On 14 December, Judge Azura Alwi had ordered him to enter his defence on a charge for falsifying a letter in relation to a system maintenance contract at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in 2014.



  1. Johorean neutrals are in a limbo albeit a delima for this comming PRN. We hope to rid Johor of the umno/bn, but PH is a lousy alternative , it seemed. MUDA is still raw and seems to be kelam kabut a bit. Maybe if WARISAN can contest in all DUNs, theres still hope.


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