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Selangor’s RM60 Billion Free Insurance Scheme Is Now Open For Registration

The Selangor State Government’s Skim Insurans Am Selangor (INSAN) is now open for registration via Wavpay e-wallet, a mobile application available on Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play and Huawei’s AppGallery.

INSAN which is the first of its kind in the country, is a life insurance worth RM60 billion underwritten by AmGeneral Insurance Berhad, the insurance arm of AmBank Group Malaysia.

It is free for six million individuals in Selangor between the age of 30 days old to 80 years old as the premium will be fully borne by the Selangor State Government.

Skim Insurans Am Selangor (INSAN)

Through INSAN, policy holders will be compensated RM10,000, in the event of death or permanent disabilities due to an accident.

In a briefing on Friday, Dato’ Teng Chang Kim who is the State Executive Councillor (EXCO) for Investment, Industry and Trade said that the terms and conditions have been loosened to enable more individuals qualify for the initiative.

Teng Chang Kim

“The Selangor State Government has decided to loosen the terms and conditions because everyone from or in Selangor has contributed to the state’s economy. This is our way of saying thank you to everyone.”

As such, the initiative is now open to all individuals born in Selangor (MyKAD BP code of 10); individuals not born in Selangor but has a Selangor address in their MyKAD; and individuals neither born in Selangor nor have a Selangor address in their MyKAD but vote in Selangor.

The programme was first announced by Selangor Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari on 31 August, as one of the initiatives for the people of Selangor.


For the record, the Selangor State Government has been on the forefront of promoting and providing its citizens and residents with social safety netting.

In 2016, the state administration introduced Skim Peduli Sihat (SPS), a medical scheme aimed at providing medical coverage of up to RM500 per annum for families with a monthly household income below RM3,000.

Peduli Sihat

The following year, another two insurance schemes, Peduli Sihat Penjawat Awam (PSPA) and Skim Insurans Pesawah (SIP) were introduced to cater for an estimated 18,000 civil servants and 10,000 paddy farmers statewide.

The overwhelmingly positive public feedback catapulted Pakatan Harapan (PH) to offer a similar medical insurance scheme in its 14th General Election manifesto.

In April 2019, a year after Pakatan Harapan captured Putrajaya, PeKa B40 was launched by the Federal Government to benefit 800,000 B40 citizens above the age of 50.

PeKa B40

In April 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 crisis, Amirudin’s Selangor State Government extended SPS’s coverage to include death, total permanent disabilities and critical illnesses.

The move resulted in more Selangorians and residents becoming recipients of the welfare aid, at a time where more deaths and critical illnesses were recorded due to Covid-19.

SPS was then reorganised and restructured for better efficiency, resulting in the birth of Iltizam Selangor Sihat (ISS) in 2021.

ISS currently covers 100,000 policy holders a RM500 annual medical benefit and RM6,000 compensation in the event of death. Policy holders are families with a monthly household income below RM3,000.


INSAN which is now open, is an extension existing programmes, especially for Selangorians and residents currently ineligible for SPS, PSPA, SIP or ISS.

The general insurance is set to benefit M40 families the most, in the event of sudden death or permanent disabilities sustained due to an accident.




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