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Support For DAP Eroded The Most, Says Bridget Welsh

Political analyst, researcher and educator Dr. Bridget Welsh’s preliminary analysis of the Johor polls has found that DAP lost the the biggest vote share among all parties who contested.

In the commentary published by Malaysiakini yesterday, Dr. Bridget said that Pakatan Harapan lost support badly across different communities.

“The preliminary findings show erosion of support across parties and communities for Harapan.”

“PH’s support level is nowhere near levels of the past.”

She added that all BN parties gained in vote share, with UMNO gaining 3.6% of the vote, MCA 1.6% of the vote and MIC 0.4% of the vote.

As for Bersatu and Pas, she said that both the Perikatan Nasional (PN) component parties held onto their vote share from 2018.

“Yet, the defeat was also the product of the opposition itself, notably Harapan.”

“DAP lost the largest vote share (-7.9%), followed by Amanah (-2.5%) and PKR (-1.6%).”

Citing a few examples, Dr. Bridget said that the drop in margins for the seats won by DAP speak for themselves.

“The ‘safe seat’ of Johor Jaya’s majority dropped from 15,965 in 2018 to 1,922 in 2022.”

She concluded that the erosion speaks to the serious problems with PH’s ability to garner political support under its current leadership.




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