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UMNO Division Chief’s RM1.77 Mil Porsche Involved In Accident

An UMNO Division Chief’s Porsche was involved in an accident around Damansara recently.

According to a video published on social media, the driver of the Porsche escaped unscathed.

Checks online found that the Porsche is a 911 GT3 model with a reported market value of RM1.77 million in Malaysia.

According to sources close to UMNO’s leadership, the driver was UMNO Subang Division’s Chief, Dato’ Armand Azha Abu Hanifah.

The source added, the vehicle is registered under Koperasi Suara Anak Muda Selangor Berhad, of which Armand is the President.

Malaysia Sentinel cannot independently verify the revelation, but other sources close to the incident have been reached for comments.

Checks on social media also found that Armand who is also an UMNO Supreme Council member had on 14 May 2022 uploaded a video to TikTok. The video showed a brief view of a Porsche of a similar model, colour and body sticker in the background.

He was appointed a Senator in October 2021.

In December 2021, the Ministry of Health gave Asia Coding Centre Sdn Bhd, a company in which Armand is a Director, the green light to begin a trial run and deployment of Covid-19 screenings at international entry points.

“The deployment and operations of this integrated screening solution will be placed at the country’s main international entry points, namely the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), klia2, Langkawi International Airport, Senai International Airport in Johor and the Johor-Singapore Causeway, consistent with the government’s established policies and guidelines,” read a filing to Bursa Malaysia in relation to the project.



  1. Actually it’s worth more than RM1.77 MM. That’s for the normal GT3. This is a GT3 RS (the high wing and louvers over the front wheel well). There’s a wait list for a new one. A used one in the UK (2019 model) is £250 k. So a new one is probably £300k. Factor in Malaysia taxes etc (assuming not Langkawi registered), this is probably an RM3+ million car


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